Modern Science has proved beyond doubt that you are what you eat. It simply means food plays important role not only in person’s exterior looks but also the way a human being thinks from inside, feels, reacts and behaves. In ancient times Jainism  divided food into three types -  Tamasi,  Rajsi and Satvik.
Tamasi :- Tamasi food produces degraded conditions of mind and so it remains on the bottom of the chart. To attain spirituality and Moksha one has to do away with this kind of food. It is not only vicious but also responsible to give birth to actions and thoughts leading to bondages ie. `Karma’. Some types of Tamasi food are-


All types of wines made from fermentation of fruits,

a.  Stale food,

b.  Fermented food,

c.   Meat etc.

 Consumption of this type of food results in various physical ailments like indigestion, ulcers etc., to mental and spiritual blockages due to loss of senses, aggression , self centered behaviour  and induces, negative and destructive thoughts and lustful thoughts.

Rajasi:- Rajasi Food is full of taste, variety and tongue liking. This food also aggrevates disorders as specified in Tamasi food  but the extent is less. Types of Rajasi food are-

a.  Liquor,

b.  Fish,

c.  All types of meat,

d.  Eggs,

e.  pungent food,

f.  species,

g.  onion

h.  garlic

i.  tomatoes

j.  tea, coffee

k.  carbonated drinks etc.

 Maximum portion of Rajasi food rather than being used by the body is thrown out as a waste. It aggravates violence in behavior and impatience and it affects the immune systems of the body thus making it a breeding ground for small to big diseases.

Satvik :- Satvik is a healthiest food for the mind, body and thus spirituality. It keeps mind in a perfect  balance of calmness and peace, gives body a fantastic aura thus increasing the longitivity. It is mood refreshing and a person is always in a state of bliss. Types of Satvik food are-

a.  Cow milk

b.  Fruits

c.  Vegetables

d.  Dry fruits

e.  Cereals

f.  Ghee

g.  Butter & honey

 Very minimum portion of this type of food is a waste and this gives a human body all the necessary ingredients to build highly immune, strong, energetic structure having minimum risks of diseases and mental imbalance. Thus prompting highly positive and result oriented actions, giving one an ability to stay calm in all kinds of situations.