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Of  all the principles and  doctrines that Jainism advocates non- violence is the key factor to cut the bondages of karma  &  attain Moksha. Jainism suggests Ahimsa of two types 'BHAV' (thoughts) & 'AACHAR' (actions).  To minimise the sufferings even while eating it is important that keeping non-violence in mind we do take food which involves minimum possible injury. The life form vary from one-sense animal to five-sensed animal . To kill  a five-sensed  being is a highest form of violence. Destruction of even one sensed being should be avoided. The Jain food conduct advises keeping these factors in mind. So while selecting the diet one has to keep following things in mind.



Not to inflict pain on others.
Feeling of pain in  own  heart seeing pains in others.


Being satisfied .Won’t give birth to sorrow.

Mitahar :

Not overindulging.

One’s perception of  owns limitation & draws  lines -  virtuous.
Ras- swad – jaya :

Victory over taste buds, thus conquering own’s  sense of  taste.






Sense table

  The food is categorised into various types of which some are eatables and some are non etables. They are explained as under :-

 In the first type when the vegetation & plants  have died their natural death & dried up completely without  having any possibilities of become breading ground for other  life forms. Only this type of food which is truly non harming should be consumed. This type of  food is as follows

1. Cereals
:- Rice, Wheat, Jowar , Bajra etc.

2. Pulses:-  Moong , Math , Chana , etc.

3. Oil seeds :- Ground nuts, Tal , Rai

4.  Dry  fruits :- Almonds ,Cashew- nuts , Walnut  etc.

In the second type, food is available only when the plants have dried up naturally. So even by mistake the harm or killing is not involved .   As  compared to  all this rice requires maximum drying up to be made available to us. It is offered even to Gods while performing Pooja.
He ripen fruits which falls off from the branches of trees by itself & thus becoming natural path to be consumed.

In the third type vegetables  are one-sensed life forms .They possess the touch sense till the time they are plucked . This inflicts the meaning of being.  Jainism forbids eating any tuber roots i.e. any plant & vegetables    grown under the ground, as to acquire this kind of food going through uprooting  involves  complete destruction of lot  of surrounding  trees  &  plants .  Vegetables growing   under grounds are the  home for innumerable tiny insects &  creatures.  

 So according to Jain conduct non eatable foods is classified as follows :-
Multisensed food

Like animals , meat  etc.
Under ground foodsWhich invites destruction of a lots of other surrounding life form.

Which makes one lose control over himself , for eg . Wine, liquor
  Unworthy organic materials Such as human wastes.

What is jainism
:: History :: Path /Doctrine :: Aum